- As mould design and production must be done by experts -

25 years of experience

CBE Group is an industrial SME specialized in the engineering and the manufacture of metal moulds, handling equipment and industrial plants for the production of concrete segments (material intended to consolidate the vault of the tunnels after drilling by the TBM) for lining any kind of tunnel such as subway, road tunnel, railway tunnel, cable, water etc..
CBE teams have a unique know-how on the market of tunnel construction. Their strength is based on than 25 years of experience regarding all possible tunnel configurations. Our Research & Development department allows us to implement new production technologies necessary to constantly improve the design of our moulds.

The mould design is a key factor in the achievement of a tunnel project. During the process of tunnel making, the TBM is often put forward, while the moulds seem to be left behind. Yet, the overall success of the project and its delivery in time, require an early and clear view on the segment moulds production. Additionally, the project specs (tunnel length, boring rate, etc.) will have an impact on the precast parameters and especially on the handling systems, as well as on what kind of precast workstations are to be used.

And finally, the ability to supply within a short period of time moulds and equipment allows to be "comfortably" ahead in segment production, even before the TBM starts up.

CBE in Figures
  • - more than 400 production lines including carousel factories designed & assembled
  • - over 15 000 segment moulds manufactured

The reliability and accuracy of the equipment used for the precast will have a direct impact on the global achievement of the production site.
The design stage for moulds starts with the accurate analysis of the concrete design drawings. This phase is an additional check-up step during the building process. It sometimes allows tracking down and rectifying design mistakes that would be disastrous for the further development of the project.The required accuracy which is part of the construction rules and law must be followed during the whole project. The moulds are used several hundreds of time in a row and their integrity must be guaranteed a long time. Vibration is the dynamic part of the mould, allowing the operator to remove rapidly bubbles that may occur in the concrete and to obtain a smooth surface of the concrete segment.The definition of the calculation parameters and equipment for the vibration, require extraordinary skill and large experience.