Equipment Picture Description
Demoulding Vacuum Lifter This vacuum beam will be designed and built in order to avoid any human intervention for hanging the segments.

It will be equipped with all the required safety fittings, including the control box.

Mechanical Equipment

  • Welded metal crossbeam made of square tube, used as a vacuum reserve, supporting the various equipment
  • Support for connection to the gantry crane    

Vacuum Equipment

  • One vacuum pump with one air-cooled and oil-lubricated area with its filter
  • Vacuum suction pads for grasp of standard, counter key and key segments
  • Suction pads equipped with an interchangeable foam gasket section 50 x 50 are mounted in a rail
  • Bistable electrovalves for the functions « engaged / disengaged »
Mechanical Clamp for Demoulding and Turning Beam for demoulding segments, turning and placing them in the storage yards, that is composed of:

  • One main beam with one or two lifting points
  • Two oscillating arms with screw
  • Clamping support with rollers allowing the rotation of 180°

The clamp may handle standard, counter key or key segment, extrados side. The clamp is a self-closing beam taking the segments on the circumferential sides.

Turning will be manual and realized by a crank handle.

Empty weight, the allowed maximum load and the manufacturer plate will be indicated on the beam.

This system is only possible if the recess for circumferential dowel or another recess in the concrete segment will have been realized.

Mechanical Demoulding Clamp Beam for demoulding of pieces from the mould to be placed in the turning machine and from the tilting machine to be the pre-storage area. It is a self-closing beam taking the segment by bearing on the longitudinal sides. This beam does not require the presence of a person to hang up the pieces.

The clamp is composed of one main beam with lifting points, two oscillating arms supporting the clamping of segments and one automatic lock to block in open position.

Motorised Demoulding & Turning Clamp This device only needs just one single action in order to demould, turn and stack the segment. The gripping of the segment is done by two metal cones introduced into the cones of the concrete piece on each side.

The movement of closing and opening the arms of the clamp as well as the rotation movements are made by hydraulic cylinder. The application range of the grip varies for segments of 2 to 5 tons. It is possible to handle segments of different sizes.
Vacuum Demoulder by Rotation This vacuum device allows the demoulding of segments and horizontal rotation of 90°. The selection of the suction cups for gripping different segments works automatically. In case of power interruption, the segment will maintain in the position during more than 30 minutes. The fixing system of the device is adapted to lifting machines available.

Several options are available:
  • Hydraulic rotation allowing to swivel the segment of 90° horizontally
  • Hydraulic security arm for an increased security
Vacuum Demoulding - Tilting 90° This vacuum allows the demoulding of standard and counter key concrete segments, except the key segment.

The concrete segments are tilted from 0° to 90°. They are pre-stored in this position to avoid the deformation.

This vacuum beam will be designed and built in order to avoid any human intervention for hanging the segments.

It will be equipped with all the required safety fittings. Includes the control box.

  • Weight Maxi of segment: 8 200 kg
  • Weight of vacuum lifter: 3 200 kg
  • TOTAL: 11 400 kg
  • Capacity of the crane: 20 000 kg
Vacuum Turning Lifter 180° This vacuum lifter provides, in one take, the demoulding and storage of the segment on its extrados by turning it 180° in conditions of absolute safety.

It combines the advantages of the demoulding vacuum lifter and the segment 180° turning system. Provide suitable wedges or stands to receive the segment and allow the suction pad to be removed. In the event of a power cut the load is guaranteed to be held for more than 30 minutes.

  • Function: Demoulding and turning all segments on their extrados by 180°
  • Location: inside
  • Load capacity: 2,5 to 6 t (hydraulic)
  • Load capacity: up to 2 t (electric)
  • Unladen weight: 2500 à 3500 kg