WTC 2016 – CBE Group back from San Francisco

WTC 2016 - CBE Group stand



CBE Group wishes to thank all the visitors who came by their stand at WTC 2016 in San Francisco.
This edition broke new records once again, with 298 exhibitors and 2,319 visitors attending from all around the world. These high numbers confirm the strong interest the tunnel industry shows for WTC and its content-orientated format.
The next WTC will take place on 9-15 June 2017 in Bergen, Norway.

CBE Group back from BAUMA 2016

CBE Group stand at BAUMA



CBE Group wishes to thank all the visitors who attended stand 135 in Hall C3 at BAUMA in order to discuss the latest innovations with the team. With 3,423 exhibitors and almost 580,000 visitors from more than 200 countries, the 2016 edition was a complete success. Get ready for the 32nd edition in 2019 !



The eighth CBE Newsletter is focusing on our ever growing Chinese market as well as our collaboration with the vaccum lifting company Acimex, and finally the creation of a new CBE subsidiary group dealing with precast plants called APS. Good Reading !

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CBE Group supplies Moulds & Precast Carousel to São Paulo Metro Line 6

CBE Group supplies 45 moulds to the Consorcio Expresso Linha 6 that will construct line 6 of the São Paulo subway system. Additionally, CBE Group designs, delivers and assembles a precast carousel implementation that ensures the tunnel segment production on site.

CBE moulds will precast segments forming the concrete rings that will line the tunnel with an inner diameter of 9410 mm and an external diameter of 10210 mm. Segments will present a thickness of 400 mm and a width of 1800 mm. The concrete rings will be composed of six standard segments, two counter-key-segments and one key-stone. 

A precast carousel facility will be designed in the head offices of CBE France and all parts will be fabricated in CBE’s workshops: rails, concreting cabin, a four-line curing chamber, demoulding station and finishing line. The supply includes sophisticated handling equipment such as four motor-operated storage clamps. After transport to Brazil, the carousel will be assembled by CBE technicians in cooperation with the technical staff of Consorcio Expresso Linha 6. The CBE carrousel is able to produce 40 segments throughout an eight hour shift.

CBE Group already supplied segment moulds and precast facilities for the São Paulo metro line 5 which is currently under construction. Brazil launched the construction of a sixth underground line in São Paulo, biggest city of the country, for scheduled opening in 2020. The new line with a total length of 15.3 kilometers includes 15 stations between
Brasilândia and São Joaquim and is planned to transport 633 thousand passengers per day.


Over 400 Precast Projects in 28 Years: Congratulations CBE Group!

A bilateral tunnel project - the Channel Tunnel - marks the beginning of the long-term sucess story of CBE Group on all five continents: this Friday, the expert in tunnel segment mould fabrication and segment precast facilities celebrates its 28th birthday!

More than a quarter of a century, CBE Group provides high-tech solutions for the tunnel segment production. With an experience of more than 400 projects realised worldwide, CBE Group is the leading expert for precast formworks and automated plants.

Today, customers can rely on this unique experience of 15000 fabricated moulds and over 150 carousel precast plants installed all over the world and under every possible condition. Technical challenges are our business, since 1987, CBE Group offers turnkey solutions and innovative approaches to mould and precast plant technology such as the cast-in gasket or the modular carousel.


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New Project in Germany: Rastatt Tunnel

CBE Group is proud to announce its participation in yet another prestigous project in Germany, the Rastatt Tunnel that is part of the new high speed railway line between Karlsruhe and Basel. 42 segment moulds will be delivered to the German precast supplier Max Bögl, who is in charge of the production of approximately 15000 concrete segments for the tunnel with a total length of 4,27 km, that crosses below the city of Rastatt from east to south.

CBE's segment moulds have an outer diameter of 10600 mm and an inner diameter of 9600 mm. Each concrete ring will have a thickness of 500 mm, a width of 1950 mm and 2000 mm and will be composed of four standard, two counter-key and one key segment. Segment production will be made in a static plant configuration.

The contractor is the ARGE Tunnel Rastatt, a joint venture of Ed. Züblin & Hochtief AG. The building site has been prepared since November 2014, the assembly of the TBM will be in April 2015, tunnelling is scheduled to start in October 2015 and lining is planned to be finished in 2018.

New Project: LA Regional Connector

CBE Group is proud to announce yet another fruitful collaboration with the American company Traylor Precast, LLC for the upcoming subway project Los Angeles Regional Connector. CBE supplies eight sets of segment moulds to the precast company based in Stockton, California. This project will be the eleventh one in a long time business relationship.

A total of 48 segment moulds will be designed and fabricated at CBE's workshops in France and then be delivered to the Traylor Precast production site in Littlerock, CA. The formworks will have an exterior diameter of 6274 mm, a thickness of 267 mm and a width of 1524 mm. Each ring will be composed of three standard segments, two counter-key segments and one key stone. All moulds are 3D-laser checked and include a double gasket groove with cross sections. Segments will thus have two circumferential gaskets in order to increase the tightness of the rings.     

The contractor  - RCC (Regional Connector Constructors) - is a JV of Skanska USA Civil West California District and Traylor Brothers in association with Hatch Mott MacDonald. The Metro Regional Connector Project extends from the Metro Gold Line Little Tokyo/Arts District Station to the 7th Street/Metro Center Station in downtown Los Angeles, allowing passengers to transfer to Blue, Expo, Red and Purple Lines, bypassing Union Station.  The 1.9-mile alignment will serve Little Tokyo, the Arts District, Civic Center, The Historic Core, Broadway, Grand Av, Bunker Hill, Flower St and the Financial District.

Construction had been approved by Metro LA in January 2015, the forecasted opening of the light rail line is 2020.

New Project: Bahce Nurdag Turkey

After our sucess with the Bosphore Strait Road Crossing at Istanbul (see news from Jan 15th), CBE Group just picked up another large contract in Turkey. Six sets of segment moulds will be delivered to Interkar Yapi, who is in charge of the Bahce-Nurdag Twin Tunnel construction.

The new project for CBE includes the design, fabrication and supply of a total of 42 segment moulds. Three standard, two counter-key and one key-stone form will cast tunnel segments forming a concrete ring with an exterior diameter of 7700 mm, a thickness of 350 mm and a width of 1500 mm. CBE's Customer Service Department also provides technical assistance during assembly and staff training on site. The actual production line will be a stationary configuration.

The Bahce-Nurdag Twin Tunnel project will be the longest railway tunnel in Turkey and will be part of the new high-speed rail connection between Adana, Gaziantep and the Malatya region with a total length of 1184 km.

New Project: Thomson Line Singapore

CBE Group supplies three sets of segment moulds with an outer diameter of 6350 mm to the construction of Orchard Station of the Thomson Line project in Singapore.

The Penta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd.-Bachy Soletanche Joint Venture has won the T2019 contract ensuring the construction of Orchard Station and surrounding tunnels of the East Coast Line.

CBE's scope of supply includes 18 moulds with an interior diameter of 5800 mm, a thickness of 275 mm and a width of 1400 mm per segment. Each concrete ring will be composed of three standard, two counter-key- and one key-stone.

The T2019 contract is part of stage 3 of the prestigous underground project lead by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore. Construction time is estimated of 78 months.

Advanced Segment Production for Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing

Two third of the segment production for the Istanbul Strait Road is now completed. CBE Group supplied four sets  of segment moulds to YMSK JV for the lining of the Bosphore crossing. Around 10 000 tunnel segments have been produced so far since production start in November 2013. A total of 15 048 concrete pieces forming 1672 rings are necessary to line the 3,4 km long double deck tunnel.

The precast factory based in the eastern part of Istanbul, Paşaköy, has an average production output of 378 segments per week and a daily rate of up to 54 pieces or six complete rings. Each concrete ring has an exterior diameter of 13,2 m, a thickness of 600 mm and a width of impressive 2000 mm and is composed of six standard, two counter-key- and one key segment. The standard segments weight over 14 tons. Handling equipment from CBE comprises two storage clamps supporting 17 and 45 tons, a vacuum lifter and a tilting device. The segments are cured by a heating system under each formwork, with strict temperature control.

The tunnel is designed to withstand earthquakes of magnitude up to 7.5 on Richter scale under the consideration of maximum safety. Several specific applications have therefore been integrated in the tunnel lining design, such as steel lining and anti-seismic gaskets that will give the tunnel the necessary movement flexibility. CBE Group too contributed to this increased safety standard and developed so-called seismic pockets, ensuring a reinforced bolting between the segments.
The tunnel's lowest depth under the sea level is 106 m while its maximum depth below the seabed is 61 m with an overburden measuring 25 m. The 5.4 km double-deck tunnel will connect Kazlıçeşme on the European and Göztepe on the Asian part of Istanbul on a 14.6 km route. It will cross the Bosphore beneath the seabed, with the aim to alleviate Istanbul’s traffic pressure. It is at about 1 km south of the undersea railway tunnel Marmaray, which was opened on 29 October 2013. With this new route, the journey time between Kazlicesme and Göztepe will be shortened from 100 minutes to 15 minutes.

CBE Group supplies Moulds & Precast Carousel to Riyadh Metro

CBE Group supplies 80 moulds to the international JV FAST that will construct three lines of the new subway system in Riyadh. Additionally, CBE Group designs, delivers and assembles a double precast carousel implementation to PACADAR Arabia LLC, which ensures the segment production for FAST and the subway tunnel lining in the Saudi Arabian capital.

CBE moulds will precast segments forming the concrete rings that will line the tunnel with an inner diameter of 8700 mm and an external diameter of 9400 mm. The segments will present a thickness of 350 mm and a width of 1600 mm. Each concrete ring will be composed of four standard segments, two counter-key-segments, one key-stone and an additional invert segment that will be used as rolling basis.  

A double carousel facility will be designed in the head offices of CBE France and all parts will be fabricated in CBE’s workshops: rails, concreting cabins, curing chambers, demoulding stations and finishing lines.

After transport to Riyadh, the carousel will be assembled by CBE technicians in cooperation with PACADAR staff. The precast plant will thus produce a sufficient quantity of concrete segments to supply the three TBMs excavating the subway lines 4, 5 and 6 throughout total length of 26,6 km. This double carousel also means a step further in future technologies regarding precast production in this area, as the Middle East countries traditionally employ stationary prefabrication.   

The FAST consortium led by FCC and including Samsung C&T, Alstom, Strukton, Freyssinet Saudi Arabia, Typsa and Setec is to build lines 4, 5 and 6 for 7,82 billion US dollar.

Construction of the Riyadh subway was officially started on April 3 with a groundbreaking ceremony led by Riyadh Governor Prince Khaled bin Bandar.  Work started at five sites simultaneously. These include King Khaled International Airport, Olaya at the intersection of line 1 and 2, and the site of the control center on Line 4, close to Princess Nora University. The six-line, 176 km network is due for completion by 2019. 

Optimised Tunnel Segment Production Output for Sydney's North West Rail Link

The double carousel system which is making the concrete tunnel segments for the North West Rail Link (NWRL) in Sydney is achieving record production rates. CBE Group supplied the carousels to the Thiess John Holland Dragados joint venture. The carousels are achieving 1700 segments per week with daily production exceeding 300 units – reaching as high as 380 segments.

The NWRL is a priority rail infrastructure project for the New South Wales government and will cost about 5.7 billion euros. It is Australia’s biggest public transport project and includes eight new railway stations, 4000 commuter car parking spaces and 15 kilometres of twin tunnels between Bella Vista and Epping. The railway tunnels will be the longest ever built in Australia. The entire project is due for completion in 2019.

Four tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are being used to excavate and line the tunnels with concrete segments. The segments are made using moulds from the CBE Group. Three TBMs have already been launched, with the fourth due to start tunnelling next year.  

The NWRL twin tunnels have an exterior diameter of 6690 millimetres. Each precast segment is 1700 millimetres wide and 260 millimetres thick. Each concrete ring is made up of six segments: four counter-key stones and two key stones. A total of 108 moulds are being used on the double carousel, both supplied from the same concrete batch plant.

TJHD has made more than one quarter of the concrete segments needed to complete the NWRL. The precast facility will continue producing segments until October 2015 to achieve the 100,000 segments required to line the twin tunnels.

First Concrete Ring for Liantang Hong Kong

The first test ring for the Liantang Heung Yuen Boundary Control Point project in Hong Kong has been assembled in our workshop at Yangling in the province of Shaanxi.

The concrete ring disposes an external diameter of 13600 mm and a thickness of 500 mm, totalising nine segments: six standard pieces, two counter-key stones and one key segment.

The Liantang Heung Yuen Boundary Control Point project includes construction of a dual two-lane trunk road with three tunnel sections of 4,8 km, connecting the Fanling Interchange with the proposed Sha Tau Kok Interchange, provision and installation of ventilation system, E&M works and building services works for Lung Shan tunnel and Cheung Shan tunnel and their portal buildings, Tunnel Administration Building adjacent to Wo Keng Shan Road and associated landscaping works, drainage & sewerage, waterworks, utilities and traffic engineering works, to be undertaken by Dragages Hong Kong Ltd. for a total contract sum of 10,3 billion dollars.

CBE Group supplies four sets of segment moulds to Dragages. The completion date is scheduled for mid to end of 2018.