CBE Group has always the ambition to provide you prefabrication products of an extreme precision, without equivalence on the market.



We have our own production means and can thus, upon request, significantly increase our production capacity. Moreover, our network of industrial partners enables us to profit from the most advanced techniques, in particular in the machining and automatism sectors.

  • Moulds

    Beyond the Paradox: Concrete work AND Accuracy

    Compared to its finished product, a concrete piece, the metal mould is less known. And yet, these steel formworks, able to produce thousands of concrete pieces of any form, represents the base of so many works in buil ... +++++ ...

  • Precast Plants

    Full Automation of Precast Production Units

    For more than twenty years, CBE Group, worldwide recognized specialist in the production of steel moulds for concrete pieces (in particular of tunnel segments) has developed automated precast factories. Due to this unique experi ... +++++ ...