A tunnel project can last for several years, and equipment can sustain high degrees of stress, if a project is to stop due to some accident, the implied cost can go way beyond the nature of the accident itself.
CBE Service teams keep constant and direct contact with the production and the R&D department.
CBE Service engineers and operators focus on this task and are ready to act accordingly on site

CBE has achieved a unique know-how based on 25 years of experience, its service teams’ main goal is to provide equipment consistency and durability.
Their missions and aimed objectives can take several forms:

  • Installation of equipment on production site
  • Commissioning and training of production site operators
  • Remote repair via modem (in case of electrical or automatism failure) or via helpline
  • Going world-wide, giving on-site technical support if needed
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Providing preventive maintenance (please contact us for an individual quotation)

Some of our facilities are being used for the same project during several years. We can provide preventive on-site operations to supply maintenance, or give periodical advice to the local maintenance team, in order to maintain optimal efficiency for our facilities.