Our departments

CBE Group is organized around four main departments : Research & Development, Design Office, Production and Logistics. Other departments (Bid management, Sales, Quality, Administrative, Communications,...) complete them on a daily basis.

Research and Development (R&D)

The R&D department is in charge of the constant update of our products, always on the lookout for the new features that will prove helpful to our clients. In order to reduce production costs and to improve working conditions for the onsite operators, R&D engages in a never-ending creation race, creating prototypes, developing new technical drawings of the moulds, carousels and equipment used on production sites.

In order to reach the company’s high quality goals, the R&D team is part of the production process. They work with the other departments and are always in touch with the clients, in order to have feedback on the improvements we offer them.

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Design Office

The Design Office takes action at the launch of the project. During the design phase, the team works with the technical brief and concrete plans all provided by the client, in order to check the technical data that will be used to produce the moulds and automated plant.

The design phase allows :

  • To predict how the moulds will behave under the effect of vibrations, using calculation software
  • To create a mould which will be easy-to-use, facilitating the moulding and demoulding phase
  • To simplify the installation of the automated plant by making sure that all the different factors are taken into account, such as : rates of work, production capacity, weight of the loads, factory life span and automation level


In order to guarantee the highest quality for its products, CBE Group controls every step of the production process. In accordance with the contract terms, the company offers a quick reactivity and reduced delivery time, making it really competitive: the first moulds can be delivered 3 months after receiving the concrete plans from the client.

Machining and laser cutting with dedicated tools

  • 5 axes milling machine, 8 meters-long tables
  • Automated high speed machining center
  • Large laser-cutting capacity


  • Assembly of 50 moulds simultaneously
  • An average of 1 500 moulds produced per year
  • Certified welding procedures by highly-skilled operators

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Finishing & control

Products require an extremely accurate level of geometry precision, particularly for the segments moulds. Moulds are controlled by first-rate three-dimensional tools (such as laser tracker & photometrical system) and are tested in each production stage.


CBE Group masters the safest, fastest and most cost-effective transport of precast moulds to any building site. Due to our strong experience in international shipping, our customers from all over the world trust our capacities of dispatching and delivering the ordered equipment. From a professional and safe packing, to the correct choice of transport (road, water, flight) and the respect of demanding customs regulations, the company always finds a solution adapted to their client’s project.

CBE Group also profits from its production sites in France and China, so transport costs are adapted according to the delivery places while keeping the French technical know-how and respecting quality standards. As a consequence, CBE improves actively its environmental impact on the planet.

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