CBE Group is a French industrial SME, specialized in the engineering, production and installation of steel moulds, equipment and tailor-made automated plants used for the production of concrete segments used as tunnel coating. Here you will find answers to questions you may have concerning our work and our products.


What is the role of CBE Group’s products in the tunnel construction? What is the role of a segment?

The moulds and automated plants offered by CBE Group are used to cast concrete segments. Segments are curved concrete pieces, they form concrete rings and are put in place by a TBM. Segments have several roles within the tunnel :

- Finishing up the internal wall of the gallery
-Ensuring that the gallery will be resilient enough faced to external pressure
-Allowing the TBM to move forward, as the machine leans upon the last ring it installed to progress inside the tunnel.


Who are the clients of a company like CBE Group?

CBE Group’s clients are mainly construction companies or concrete precast companies, which responded to a call for tenders for construction projects such as metros, sewers or roads for example.


Does CBE Group only work in the tunnel industry?

CBE Group focuses on the underground. However, its subsidiary, APS (Advanced Precast System) offers moulds and automated plants for the concrete precasting of any concrete element (such as noise barriers, sleepers...). APS has for instance, designed and produced the first ever armour unit automated plant, in La Réunion Island.


What does CBE Group need to realize a quote?

To realize a quote, CBE Group needs the concrete plans, the client’s production goals, his resources (premises, equipment).


How long between the first quote and the casting of the first segment?

The delivery period varies depending of the nature of the project. The average delivery period for moulds is 4 to 5 months, operating automated plants can be delivered in 6 months, anywhere on the planet.


Does CBE Group ship to every continent?

Thanks to its 2 production sites, in France and in China, CBE Group is able to deliver on every continent. Already 53 countries have been covered.


How does CBE Group handle specific demands?

Thanks to its design office (composed of more than 20 employees) and its bid management team, every specific demand will be studied in order to make each project a unique one.


What differences between a stationary plant and an automated plant? How does one choose?

The main difference between a stationary plant and an automated plant (also called carousel) is the automation. In a stationary plant, equipment and operators have to move from one mould to another, whereas in an automated plant, moulds move on a rail from one station to another. An automated plant allows an increased production while reinforcing the security in the plant and reducing the needed workers.


Does CBE Group build the entire factory?

CBE Group only needs an empty building, provided by the client. CBE Group’s technical teams will handle the set up and launch of the carousel and its equipment. The client can also decide to build a building especially for the plant, in this case, CBE Group will provide plans (civil engineering) in order to optimize the installation of the plant.


How long does building a factory take?

The installation of an automated plant usually takes between 10 and 12 weeks.


How many segments can be cast from one mould?

Some moulds are still in use since 1993, others cast more than 10 000 segments.


How long does it take for a segment to dry? Using which technic?

The drying time of a segment is linked to the concrete formula used, in a carousel with a curing room, the segments can be manipulated after 6 hours, without a curing room, it can last up to 48h.


Can we re-use a mould from one project to another?

Every project is unique and the moulds are tailor-made for one project. However, depending of the dimensions, an adaptation is sometimes possible.


Should we use a specific concrete type in CBE Group’s moulds?

The concrete formula is up to the client’s choice.


Are moulds and carousels able to function in harsh climatic conditions?

Yes, it is possible.


Does CBE Group ensure the installation and the set up of the carousels?

Indeed, the installation and the launch of the plant are within CBE Group offer and service range.


Is it possible to call a CBE Group technician in case of an issue?

Yes, the CBE Group customer service is composed of qualified technicians, able to be dispatched anywhere to resolve an issue. In addition to that, CBE Group can also provide a remote assistance.


Do CBE Group’s moulds have a guarantee?

CBE Group moulds are guaranteed 12 months.


What is the delivery time of spare parts?

It depends on the elements, however, CBE Group ensures the delivery of standard pieces in 10 days.


CBE Group, tunnelling expert, offers you tailor-made solutions for the optimization of your project.
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