Available spare parts for every product

When products are delivered to the clients, CBE Group offers them the possibility to have spare parts available for every type of product. The company can also quickly deliver onsite a replacement for used or damaged parts. It also offers reconditionned equipment for sale. 

A batch of spare parts for each product

Most of our moulds or plant supplies include a batch of spare parts. Beyond that, we can provide the client with the spare parts they need for each of our products. CBE Group strongly advises its clients to stock spare parts for the most critical pieces: namely those which are highly stressed and would slow down the production and the project if they broke.

CBE pieces de rechange 1 

An onsite consignment stock

For the automated plants, some pieces can take a longer delay and are generally part of our onsite consignment stock. This stock of spare parts belongs to CBE Group but is available onsite for the client, in order to eliminate delivery time and to avoid any breakdown or a shutdown of the production, which can be expensive. The client is billed only if he uses some of the pieces.

The consignment stock is refurbished every month by CBE Group, so that it stays fully available for the client in its entirety.

CBE pieces de rechange 2


CBE Group reconditioned equipment

According to the situation, CBE Group can offer its clients to buy a part of their equipment back, once the production is finished. The material is returned to our workshops ; we then proceed to a cleaning and a complete review in order to allow its reuse for a futur project. In these conditions, the equipment is as good as new. As a consequence, industrial recycling helps us to bring a better answer to environnemental issues. Always keen on quality, we can also offer our clients cost-effective guaranteed equipment.

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