CBE Group takes part in the Riyad subway construction

In 2014, CBE Group provided 80 moulds to the JV International FAST, designated for the building of 3 new metro lines in Riyad. CBE Group has also designed, produced and installed a double precast carousel for the PACADAR Arabia LLC, which produced the segments used as tunnel coating of the Saudi capital city’s subways. The contracts amount to 3.5 million euros and should be completed by 2019.

A double carrousel designed in CBE Group's design office

A double segment precasting factory was designed in CBE Group’s design office at St. Avertin, France. Every part has been produced in CBE Group’s factory: Rails, concreting station, curing chamber, unmoulding station… After the transport to Riyad, the carousel was put together by CBE Group technicians in cooperation with the PACADAR staff. The automated plant has produced enough segments to provide the 3 TBMs boring the 4th, 5th and 6th subway lines, for a total length of 26 km. This double carousel also marks a significant step in the production method in the Middle East, usually using the stationary plant.

For this project, the master ring has internal diameter of 8700 mm, an external diameter of 9400 mm, a thickness of 350 mm and a width of 1600 mm. Each ring is composed of 4 standard segments, 2 counter-key, 1 key segment and an additional piece called apron, which is used as a support for the rails.

An unique consortium for an unique project of 7,8 billion dollars

The FAST consortium composed of FCC, Samsung C&T, Alstom, Strukton, Freyssinet, Saudi Arabia, Typsa and Setec is commissioned for the construction of the 4th, 5th and 6th lines for a total amount of 7, 82 billion dollars. The construction of the subway officially begun the 3rd April 2014 with an inauguration ceremony led by the governor of Riyad, Prince Khaled Bin Bandar. The works started on 5 different sites simultaneously. Those include the King Khaled International Airport, Olaya at the junction between line 1 and 2, the command center on the 4th line, near the Princess Nora University. The 6 metro lines, of a total length of 176 km, should be completed by 2019

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