Grand Paris, a 500th project for CBE Group

In the year of its 30th anniversary, French SME CBE Group has signed its 500th project, which will take place in France. At the beginning of the summer, CBE Group officialised its participation in the creation of Line 15 South of the Parisian metro, a part of the “Grand Paris Express” project. CBE Group will provide its client GIE ALLIANCE with a carousel and several sets of moulds.

For Didier Lefebvre, CEO of the company, “we are marking history twice with these 500 tunnel projects achieved worldwide with our moulds. As the oldest key player on the segment market, but also as its worldwide leader. The fact that this 500th project takes place in France is highly symbolic and can be seen as a nod to our history. Our teams are all very proud of the work accomplished through the years.

The construction site is located on the East side of Paris. It will be composed of two bored tunnels, one of 4679 m and a second one of 2159 m. Near those two tunnels, located on the 2C section of the 15th line, CBE Group has installed a modular carousel, able to operate under several modes. A simple software adjustment allows to change the number of required moulds : such a possibility proves to be quite useful when the plant is used for the production of segments of different sizes.

Designing tailor-made products is CBE Group’s trademark: for this project, the company has achieved innovations in order to fit with the client’s wishes. Besides being modular, the carousel is also equipped with a new heating system. By choosing to install an air-propelled heating system instead of the usual electrical resistances, CBE Group allows its client to save energy by recovering pre-heated air. This change of heating system also implies the installation of a new water spraying system which allows to regulate humidity within the curing chamber.

The production line has also gained a few novelties: a reinforced camera system, as well as an automated stacker. A pre-storage carousel completes those innovations: it allows segments to cool down progressively before stocking them outside.

These two tunnels built for Line 15 are part of a bigger project, “Grand Paris Express”, a new automated metro which will include 200 km of lines and 68 new train stations. Four lines (15, 16, 17, 18) will be created, and the existing lines 11 and 14 will be extended.

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