CBE Group conceives, manufactures and installs tailor-made automated plants for its clients, allowing them to increase their production. CBE carousels have proven themselves worldwide, whether for tunnelling or for other sectors such as port.

CBE carousels adapted to any type of project

20 carousels have been sold between 2019 and 2020 all over the world. The United States, China, France, Peru, Australia, England, or India : CBE teams have crossed the world to provide, install, commission and assist the production of their clients.

In France, CBE Group actively participates in the gigantic Grand Paris project for the extension of the Parisian subway. The company has already provided 3 automated plants for the production of concrete segments : one is installed in Bruz near Rennes for Line 16 (Lot 1), another one is in Limoges Fourches for both the 15 T2C and the 11 lots. The last one is in Conflans Sainte Honorine, in the Paris suburbs, and produces concrete segments for Line 16 (Lot 1) and Line 17.

In Port-La Nouvelle, an APS carousel has just been installed, for the production of breakwater blocs between 2m3 and 14m3. This plant has been disassembled from Calais, reviewed and readapted to the needs of this project, and then delivered in Port-La Nouvelle after reconditioning. It’s the first time CBE Group reconditions an entire carousel, and the company would like to repeat the experience as many times as possible, for economical and environmental reasons.

Abroad, between Melbourne and Sydney, in Australia, CBE Group has been setting up a double carousel since early 2020 for the SNOWY HYDRO 2.0 project, with a production carousel equipped with robotics. Because of the pre-storage carousel and the robotic system, this plant is the most optimized equipment ever provided by the French company. It will produce 10 660 mm diameter concrete rings.

Yet another double-carousel will be commissioned soon in New-Zealand to produce concrete segments for 2 different tunnelling projects : City Rail Link and Central Interceptor. The automated plant will produce in turn for each project, demonstrating again the ability of CBE’s Study Office to conceive tailor-made projects for every client.

Tailor-made carousels more efficient than ever for CBE

The Research and Development Office of the French company works on the optimization of the automated plants conceived by CBE in order to always satisfy its clients. Now, CBE Group offers double-carousels, which allows on the one hand to produce concrete segments, and on the other hand to manage the storage of the segments, before sending them to the construction site.
More recently, the R&D Office conceived robotic equipment to lighten the workload and its arduousness for the operators of the plant, and to accelerate productivity.
CBE Group also offers a production traceability system : each product (mould, equipment, plant...), each concrete load produced (segment, breakwater...), and each production cycle are controlled, registered and analysed H24 by a programme provided with the carousel. From the manufacturing of the mould, to the production of the loads, the delivery, until the positioning of the concrete load on the construction site : every step is traced and searchable by the client.

CBE Group, tunnelling expert, offers you tailor-made solutions for the optimization of your project. Please contact us or ask us directly for a quote.