The Beijing tunnel, a tough project by CBE Group

CBE Group has provided the moulds for the 9,2 km long railway tunnel linking the central railway station of Beijing in the district of Dongchen to the West station in the district of Fengtai. The latter was put in service in 2014.

6 sets of moulds provided by CBE Group

The electrified railway is relieving the circulation in the city center streets of the Chinese capital city, since the travel time between the two stations has been reduced to 15 minutes. Before that, the passengers had to waste almost an hour in bus or metro to travel from one station to another.

CBE Group provided 6 sets of moulds for the 30 meters deep tunnel coating with an external diameter of 11600 mm. The rings are composed of 6 standard segments, 2 counter key segments and 1 key segment. Approximatively 46 000 concrete pieces were produced and installed inside the tunnel.

8 years of construction for a complex project

The construction lasted almost 8 years because of a complex geography and geology, according to a China Railway Tunnel Group supervisor. Therefore, the tunnel has been classified as one of the most difficult tunnel projects in China and was subject to the highest security level in the public construction. CBE Group, thanks to its Chinese subsidiary, has been able to anticipate any technical hazards and to answer rapidly to the Chinese clients demands.

Since its opening in 2009, the CBE Group factory in Yangling produced more than 4200 moulds for more than 120 Asian projects, including 92 in China.

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