Two american projects for the 20-year anniversary of CBE Group in the US

CBE Group was awarded two contracts in the United States by its client Traylor Precast LLC, with whom the company already worked in the past, especially for the Bay Tunnel project in 2010 and the Westside 1 project in 2015. Today, Silicon Valley Clean Water and Westside 2 are in the launch phase.

CBE Group and the United States, a long story

It all started 20 years ago : in 1999, CBE Group was awarded a contract for a carousel and moulds on the Detroit River Outfall project, in Detroit. CBE Group and Traylor Precast met for the first time. Since then, no less than thirty projects have been achieved by the french company on american territory for Traylor or other clients, among which the MTA Los Angeles project in 2004, the San Francisco Bay Tunnel project in 2010, the Alaskan Way project in 2012, or the Westside 1 project in 2015. In 2019, CBE Group meets again with its historical client Traylor, which strongly contributed to the company’s participation in american projects.

Silicon Valley Clean Water, in production at CBE Group

The challenge of this project is to build in Oakland a sewage tunnel adapted to the growing population in the San Francisco Bay. The client ordered 8 mould rings from CBE Group, each composed of 6 concrete segments. In order to improve productivity, Traylor Precast wanted a carousel : it was also agreed that CBE Group would revise and modify the existing one from the San Francisco Bay Tunnel project, in order to adapt it to Silicon Valley Clean Water. Six months after the beginning of the project, designs and purchases are complete, half of the moulds have been produced and sent onsite, after a control visit from the client in the production workshop of CBE Group in France.

CBE Group works on the extension of a subway line in Los Angeles : Westside 2

After working on the Westside 1 project in 2015, CBE Group comes back to Los Angeles for the extension of an existing underground line. This time, the company provides 2 mould rings, intended for the already existing carousel. As for the Silicon Valley Clean Water project, a maintenance and an update of the automatism have been achieved by CBE Group for the final commissionning of the adapted plant.

Nicolas Dufour, in charge of the project for CBE Group, tells us : « The specificity of this project is that the Design Office and the client worked together on a technical solution to face the environmental conditions. Indeed, this part of the subway of Los Angeles crosses the San Andreas Fault, hence the use of special reinforcement for concrete segments.»

Westside 2 represents a challenge for CBE Group, one that the company is happy to take while celebrating its 20-year anniversary of collaboration with the United States and its client Traylor Precast.

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