An innovative traceability solution from CBE for optimized segment production

CBE Group is renowned in the tunnel business for its expertise in precast and in segment production optimization. In order to offer its clients a complete experience, the French company is always on the lookout for new functionalities for its products. Already used on several projects in Australia, the traceability solution CBE offers has become an essential element of the smart factory shift.

Being able to follow the life of a segment, from the mould that produced it to its placement in the tunnel, all the while accessing production data : this is what this traceability solution offers. Connected, available anywhere and anytime owing to a dedicated PDA device and intelligent data storage within the cloud : the solution is very simple to set up and to use.

A few tools are necessary to set it up : a PDA device and an internet connection are enough. Dedicated stickers which present a QR code and RFID tags complete the material used onsite.

CBE Tracabilité - photo de voussoirs avec étiquettes RFIDCBE Tracabilité photo2 260x336

During the production phase, information is gathered and stored in a virtual space in order to create a real « ID card » for each concrete segment. Their storage and delivery also appear in this list of information.

This solution, geared towards the customer, ensures a better fluidity for the production of segments, and thus generates substantial savings. By anticipating possible production problems, the client can anticipate them and optimize its production time. Data collected individually on each segment will allow to treat with precision any quality issue that might occur several years after the placement within the tunnel.

Adopting a traceability system is also choosing to adapt to the multiple changes brought by the emergence of the smart factory : a world where data management becomes the key which will allow an even bigger production optimization leap.

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