CBE Group, 30 years of experience in the tunnelling industry

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Thirty years of experience allowed CBE Group to become one of the major operators in the tunnel industry in 2017, active on every continent, with more than 480 projects achieved. CBE Group is now the worldwide leader in the production of moulds and automated plants for tunnel segments.

Since its first major project, the Channel Tunnel in 1987, the tunnel market has evolved a lot. Each year, there are new opportunities, with an important rise of metro projects in emerging countries.

CBE Group took advantage of those opportunities. In 2016, the company was involved in more than 50% of international tunnel projects, keeping its position as word leader. Several projects are expected in 2017, year of the 30th anniversary of the company, CBE Group will thank its employees, agents and its partners during various events throughout the year.

Flashback on the last 30 years, in numbers: 

The longevity of CBE Group is guaranteed by its will to be always closer to its clients and by its capacity to innovate. Today, CBE Group is active worldwide. Among its most recent projects are the Follo Line project in Norway, Konjancham in Iran or Shanghai metro in China.

CBE Group, tunnelling expert, offers you tailor-made solutions for the optimization of your project. Please contact us or ask us directly for a quote.