CBE Group integrates CISMA which becomes EVOLIS

CISMA was a professionnal organisation which gathered European companies from different sectors, such as : construction, steel and handling. Since June 2019, the group has decided to merge with PROFLUID to reinforce their actions, and to become EVOLIS.

CBE Group is a member of EVOLIS

EVOLIS is the group born from the merging of two entities called CISMA and PROFLUID. The goal of this organisation is to gather industrial companies from the construction sector, to provide them with information and to advise them on juridical, tax, environmental and trade topics among others.

In August 2019, CBE Group joined EVOLIS, along with 320 other companies and especially ACIMEX, the lifting company from the same group. This membership will enable CBE to take advantage of the group’s services : inter-company work meetings, training, exhibitions...

CBE Group considers this collaboration to be a quality engagement within a dynamic area, in order to share skills and to support the actors of the market in a more and more competitive global environment.

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